How To Negotiate and Get What You Want

Transform Your World Through Better Negotiation

Negotiation Mastery With Best Selling Author & Expert Negotiator – Simon Horton

nmDo you:

  • Need to get better at asking for what you want?
  • Deserve a pay rise or a promotion?
  • Run, or want to run, your own business?
  • Want to earn better rates as a freelancer?
  • Ever find yourself giving in when you know you really shouldn’t?
  • Are looking to buy or sell your house?
  • Want your partner to take the rubbish out?
  • Have friends, family or colleagues you want to work with better?

We are negotiating all the time. Anything that involves other people involves negotiation and almost everything we do involves other people. Whether it is with our customers, our colleagues or even asking our partner to take the rubbish out or our child to tidy their room, it is always negotiation. Given this, how can we negotiate better so we can achieve better results quicker and in such a way that transforms our relationship with our clients, our suppliers, our colleagues and our loved ones.

Find out the answers to these questions in this fun online workshop with expert negotiator Simon Horton.

People often view negotiation as a mysterious art that takes place in smoke-filled rooms late at night with people shouting and banging tables. Actually, it is one of the most pervasive skills in life. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer or a professional in the corporate world, everything that you do involves negotiation.

And yet it is a skill that we spend little time trying to improve. You can be fantastic at your career, you can be passionate about your business, but unless you can negotiate successfully, you will get nowhere.

Good news is at hand. Negotiation is a skill and, as such, can be learnt.

The aim of this course is to give people a simple structure and set of techniques to help them realise their goals more effectively and transform the relationships they have with the people in their world by changing their mode of interaction into one of collaborative value-creation.

You will leave the course with a toolkit of approaches for generating sustainable solutions that are beneficial for all parties involved.

Get better at negotiation, get better at life.

Simon-Horton-PhotoAbout Simon Horton

Simon is an expert in negotiation skills. He has taught hostage negotiators, some of the biggest law firms in the world, and purchasing departments for many Blue Chip companies. He is a Visiting Lecturer at Imperial College and a mentor on the Said Business School Emerge Lab accelerator programme. He has coached many businesses from start-up through to million-pound turnover and beyond. He is also the author of the Amazon best-seller Negotiation Mastery. In his spare time, he is a trapeze artist and used to perform as a stand-up comedian.

Negotiation Mastery:
• The Arm Game – the secret to successful negotiation
• The 5 stages of negotiation
• The 5 principles of negotiation
• Preparation and what you need to consider

• Making sure you get as good a deal as you can
• Know when to walk away
• Stepping into their shoes & helping them get their win
• How to deal with difficult people
• Dealing with deadlock

• Negotiation attitude!
• Building rapport
• Projecting credibility
• Boosting your confidence
• Complex, multi-party, dynamic negotiations

• Understanding the nature of power in a negotiation
• How to negotiate when all the power is stacked against you
• Building a framework to persuade
• How to make sure the other person will stick to the deal
• What to do if you really cant trust them
• Q&A


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